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Solar rooftop system

Five reasons for installing a solar rooftop system


Are you worried about paying a high amount of electricity bills every month? Or, are you looking for a more convenient, cost-effective and cleaner source of a power system for your home? If Yes, then Installing a Home Rooftop Solar System will help you to reach your goals of saving almost 50% on your electric bills. Solar Rooftop has many advantages which will help not only you, but it is one of the best ways to save our environment from getting exposed to harmful greenhouse gas emissions, which are cause for polluting the Environment.

What is a Home Rooftop Solar System?

First of all, let us know that a solar rooftop system’s working is based on the Photovoltaic effect, which uses solar panel or PV grids and produces electricity by absorbing energy from the direct sun rays. It can be used anywhere, from industries to commercial places, and at home also. If you are living in a developing country like India, then installing it will be a perfect decision to make as it will help you in the long-run and also you can get more than 30% subsidy from the government for putting-up Solar Rooftop in your home. Main components of a solar rooftop system.

The solar rooftop system is one of the easiest methods to generate electricity and it requires only a few components and connections to install, these are:

A. Photovoltaic Array
B. Battery
C. DC and AC Connect
D. Main Grid or Panel, and
E. An Electric Meter

Where can it be used?

The solar rooftop panels are not confined to the home, but it can be used for various commercial and non-commercial purposes as well, and that too by saving a huge amount of money on electricity bills or on fuels used in small generators, which pollute the environment badly.

Current Scenario

In India, most of the places are facing power shortage to the unavailability of fuels at the right time or due to the increase in the prices of fuels and electricity bills, which is becoming the biggest factor in making people live under conditions to face such problems.

People are less aware of how to switch to another source of energy such as solar energy to fulfill their daily needs of getting the proper electric supply at home. Also, there are many initiatives from the government and NGO & which are helping the people living in such areas where the power generation is an issue, to help them aware of the benefits of installing the Home Rooftop Solar Systems and live an easy life.

There are many advantages of using a solar rooftop panel, except one disadvantage which hardly contributes in polluting the environment and that is the use of semiconductors in the solar power grids or panels, which emits harmful gases. So, here are the five reasons for installing a Solar rooftop system.

1. It Helps to Save on Electricity Bill

Solar for Home is the government initiative to help the population cut the use of electricity generated by using fuels which are making our environment unhealthy. The net metering policy allows you to save more than 50% of the bill, which you get from the electricity department, just by installing solar panels at home. It only costs you an initial investment, which can be recovered in 4-5 years. Right orientation is one of the factors which should be kept in mind while installing a photovoltaic grid on your rooftop, as the correct inclination will help the sunlight to cover most parts of the grid.

2. Government Subsidies Plays an Important Role

The government of India is focusing on limiting the electricity generated by fuels such as coal and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy. The difference is that using fuels is only making our environment polluted as the gas carbons emitted by These power generating units are the reason for depleting the ozone layer as well. Thus, the government helps in installing a Solar For Home by giving more than 30% subsidy for purchasing the solar rooftop panels.

3. Eco-Friendly

As we can help our home to get energy from the solar rooftop panels installed in our homes, We can save a lot of pollution, be it air, water or noise pollution. The fact is that a solar rooftop system makes use of only the natural sunlight, which is in abundance and free in nature, thus it doesnt & disturb the surrounding air or does not emit any harmful gases like carbon dioxide. All you can do it to just install the solar panels at home and get the most- effective, cost saving, environment-friendly source of energy using the Solar Rooftops Power System.

4. Do Not Worry About Power Failures

Most of the time, people in India live in a condition where there is more than 12 hours of electricity shortage and everyone has to face the high temperature in the summer season, or have to stop their work due to unavailability of the power supply. But the problem will get a solution when you change your power dependency from the conventional source of electric supply to renewable sources of energy, which does not get reduced as the sun will remain forever and you can utilize as much solar energy as you want.So, it is one of the reasons to give you and your family a mental peace and enough relief by making the use of an alternative source of energy, i.e., Solar energy.

5. Reduction in The Maintenance Cost

The Home Rooftop Solar System does not require any extra maintenance, once it is installed. The only maintenance you have to do is to keep it away from the dust accumulating over the solar panels or solar grids so that the accumulated dust doesn't hinder the sunlight reaching every angle and inclination of the Solar Rooftop panels. Thus, to generate maximum power output for our home. Where to get your queries solved? We, at Say Solar, are here to help you get your queries solved related to installing a solar panel in the most-effective way, which will help you save your pocket from paying any extra amount of money in the long-run. For more information regarding Home Rooftop Solar System, go to Solar Rooftop System.

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Till now we have talked about the solar energy benefits where people use solar panels in their homes to cut down the electricity bills.

But as we know that schools and universities are also paying electricity bills, what about the installation of the solar panels over there? Don’t worry today, solar panel installations in schools and Universities are becoming more popular and they are also able to take advantage of solar energy.

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