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How do Solar power systems Work?

How do Solar power systems Work?

Solar Power: You must have heard this word many times or every day. You may also know the advantages of using solar energy, but do you know how the solar power system works? Or how does sunlight generate electricity? 

A solar power system is a technology which converts sunlight into electricity to be used in homes or businesses. Photovoltaic (PV) cells capture sunlight and turn it directly into electricity. Solar photovoltaic systems use no wires, plugs or batteries.

Solar power has become increasingly popular as an alternative energy source because it is fairly clean and free from fossil fuels. It has also proven effective in many areas of the world in recent years, so if you’re interested, how do Solar power systems Work?  

This blog will explain how these systems work.

Let's Understand the process of generating and transmitting solar energy:

Here is a breakdown of how solar energy is produced and transmitted:

  1. Solar panels are hit by sunlight, which generates an electric field.
  2. The generated power enters a conductive wire at the panel’s edge.
  3. The conductive wire carries the electrical current to the inverter, which converts it from DC electricity to AC, which is utilised for power structures
  4. The AC (Alternative current) is sent from the inverter via a different line to the electric panel on the property (also known as a breaker box), which then distributes it as needed throughout the building.
  5. Any electricity generated that is not immediately required enters the utility system through the utility metre. The metre runs backwards as the electricity passes through it, crediting your property for any surplus generation.

Solar energy is all around us, in the sunlight. Its power is harnessed by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce electricity. 

We hope this blog has given you a better idea of how solar power systems work. As you can see from this diagram and the information within the article, there is much more involved in installing a solar energy system than simply scotch taping a bunch of panels to your roof. 

However, with the right combination of planning, knowledge, and care, you’ll soon have a solar energy system installed and an invisible torrent of clean electricity powering your home—without ever having to pay an electric bill again!

Solar panels are an excellent alternative for powering your home or business.

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