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Future of Solar Energy in India

Future of Solar Energy in India

Future of Solar Energy in India

Though India was ranked fifth in solar power and fourth in renewable power installed capacity, as of 2020. We still face both, an environmental crisis and a developmental crisis. Officially, about 300 million people have no access to electricity in India and about 700 million Indians use biomass such as dung, agricultural waste, and firewood as their primary energy resource for cooking. These fuels not only cause indoor pollution but also increase the burden of health issues among the womenfolk. Additionally, India is largely dependent on coal to meet its energy needs. Going by the predictions, the coal reserves of the country will not last beyond 2050.

Thus, one of the biggest challenges before India is how to meet its energy requirements without compromising the ecology of the country. This can only be achieved by moving to renewable ways to feed its population its fair share of electricity.

Solar energy has emerged as the most effective and environment-friendly option for India to cater to energy requirements. We are already aware of its benefits and it exists in select locations for quite some time now. However, it is yet to gain steady momentum.

A brief overview of why the future of solar energy in India is bright is as follows:

Geographical advantage

Geographically, India is an ideal country for solar energy. It can not only produce abundant energy to meet its requirements but also can produce enough energy for the entire world! We get at least a whopping 3,000 long hours of sunshine!

Highly advantageous and cost-effective

It is slightly expensive to buy solar systems, to begin with. However, it is also true that solar systems once set up help save a lot of money. It has a lifespan of around 25 years. The use of solar energy to power electrical appliances eliminates dependency on the constant supply of electricity to any place. It also helps in avoiding hefty monthly electricity bills for the common man.

In rural areas, solar systems can ensure that dependence of households on firewood and dung cakes is minimized, which in turn will contribute to an adequate supply of manure in agriculture and environment conservation too.

Solar energy in multiple applications

Solar radiation can be used in many ways from solar panels, solar inverters, solar street lights, solar UPSs, solar fans, solar lanterns, solar cables, solar mobile chargers, solar home systems, solar road safety equipment, and solar fencing to even solar CCTV cameras!

Increasing energy prices

The increasing energy demand in India will soon go beyond the production rate. Within a few years, solar energy will transform into one of the crucial components of India’s energy portfolio.


With the help of the government’s initiative to increase the usage of solar power in the country’s energy combination and reduce solar PV module costs, the solar power industry in India is estimated to have nearly double the growth during the next few years. This will not only help us towards achieving the dream of Green India, but it will also help us to save and cut down on major expenses in costs incurred on electricity bills.

Thus, we can say solar energy has a bright future in India.

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