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The Future of Solar Energy and Statistics

The Future of Solar Energy and Statistics

Solar energy has made it possible to light up a lot of places on god’s green earth while keeping it green. The same is the reason the future of solar energy is also bright. In this article, we are going to see exactly where the future of solar energy stands and why you should join the league right now.

Before looking into what the future holds for solar energy, let’s have a bird eye’s view of why solar energy has gotten so much attention in past few years. Well, there are a few reasons for this but the major reason is the cost.

“Cost of generation of solar energy has fallen dramatically in the past decade”

You can see that the cost Multi-SI module has decreased in factorial due to technological advancements. Along with the fall in cost, the production and demand for the same have seen an exponential rise.

Now that we have seen the increase in solar energy demand in past, let’s dive in to see what the future holds for solar energy.

Seeing the growth in demand and production of solar energy in the past decade might provoke a thought that this might be the saturation point for the demand for solar energy.

If you are thinking the same, then my friend you are completely mistaken. Solar energy right now fills a very little part of our energy needs from the total potential it encloses.

Have a look at the below graph drawing our attention to the scenario that is possible very shortly. The below graph shows us what is the contribution of individual entities across the world in total solar power generation.

As we can conclude that we are not even near the halfway point from where the future for solar energy generation stands in 2050. Thus there’s a long but a sure way to go and grow solar energy.

The benefits of clean energy generation have attracted governments of all the nations across the globe to subsidies the solar energy implementation making it even cheaper for us to implement it.

The utility and distributed solar energy is a very beginning yet. It is not very late for you to adopt solar energy attest for your utility and application.

Well, there are a lot of benefits of solar energy besides lower costs like easy installation, eco-friendliness, and more. Also, solar energy has far lesser limitations than other clean sources of energy like hydroelectricity or wind energy. Thus it is easily adaptable at large scales, maybe on every rooftop on every open land or even on top of every car.

Who knows if in future your caps also have a small solar power plant to charge your phones and laptops on transit!

Nobody knows the exact future, but it can be said that it is going to be interesting and you can’t afford to leave behind thus you need a solar panel installation partner just like say solar to assist you with your solar energy needs.

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