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Solar Panel Subsidy in Gujarat under Surya Gujarat Scheme

Solar Panel Subsidy in Gujarat under Surya Gujarat Scheme

Gujarat is one of the country’s leading states, with a total renewable energy installed capacity of 19,414.87 MW as of June 30th, 2022. This has all been possible due to Gujarat Government’s excellent initiatives and subsidies for encouraging Solar panel installation.

According to State solar policy, The Gujarat government intends to increase solar power plant capacity to 22,922 MW by 2022, accounting for 53% of the total. The Government of Gujarat has introduced the Surya Gujarat Scheme to give away solar panel subsidies. 

If you are looking to install solar panels for your utilisation, this is a great opportunity. So let’s find out how you can benefit from solar panel subsidy under the Surya Gujarat Scheme. But before going into how you can take advantage of the subsidy, check if you fall under the eligibility criteria or not.

Who is the eligible entity for solar subsidy in Gujarat?

First, let’s understand who is eligible for Solar panel subsidy under Surya Gujarat Scheme.

As per the electricity Act-2003, as amended from time to time,
Any corporation, body of individuals, association, or group, whether incorporated or not, or artificial juridical person, shall be eligible for the establishment of SPGs, either for captive use or/or for selling electricity to the Distribution Licence/Third Party, whether or not under the renewable energy certificate (REC) mechanism.
This means, unless you are from outside India, you are 100% eligible to avail of solar panel subsidy under the Surya Gujarat Scheme.

Now that you know your eligibility for the Surya Gujarat Scheme let’s understand how you can apply for the subsidy and what the specifications are in terms of availing subsidies.

How to apply for solar panel subsidy under surya gujarat scheme?

Step 1:  Contact on +91 81606 76453 or Apply here

Step 2:  We will contact you soon. And you will get the whole quotation of subsidy for solar panel installation.

Now that you have an exact idea about how you can apply for the surya gujarat scheme, let’s quickly take a look and find out how much subsidy you can avail depending on the need

Percentage of subsidy you can avail depending on the power generation ability of solar plant are as below

   Govt. SubsidyCapacity
 40%Up to 3kW
20%Above 3kW to up to 10kW
0%Above 10kW

30% of the benchmark cost is the possible subsidy for installing grid-connected solar rooftop power plants. PSUs and other government organisations are not eligible for the subsidy. Instead, employees will receive incentives and awards based on their performance. CFA is available to all residential and institutional structures, including the social sector and institutions like schools and hospitals.

According to the Central Government of India’s MNRE, the benchmark cost of a grid-connected solar system was last updated in January 2022.

Are you all set to apply for the subsidy? Then let’s get all your documents in place.

Below is the list of all the required documents and items to apply for the subsidy under surya gujarat scheme

  • Contact Number 
  • Passport size photos 3 copy
  • Photocopy of Aadhaar card
  • Photocopy of Pan Card
  • Photocopy of Latest Electricity Bill
  • Photocopy of Latest Municipality Tax or Index-2

That’s all you need to have. Before you go ahead and apply for the subsidy, there are a few terms and conditions you need to take into consideration. So here are those.

Terms & conditions to apply and avail of solar panel subsidy under the Surya Gujarat scheme

  • Timeline for project completion will be 90 days from the date of successfully registered on the government portal.
  • For Legal Stand Paper Client shall pay Net-metering Agreement fees.
  • GST and transportation are included in the price.
  • The entire system will have a five-year warranty.
  • Timeline for project completion will be 90 days from the date of successfully registered on the government portal

We hope this article helped you gain the necessary information for availing solar panel subsidies under the Surya Gujarat scheme. If you want more information or assistance for solar panel installation or for the solar panel subsidy, please contact Saysolar.

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