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Solar Subsidy in Gujarat

Solar Rooftop subsidy by the government of Gujarat


Solar energy is being moved around the globe at a quick rate growing environmental concerns and other important issues. Gujarat is making a concerted effort to transition to environmental sustainability from one of the state’s key solar subsidy sources. 

The solar roof market has seen a significant transition as a result of improved part quality, document variety, and installation prices. In all of these variations, the sunroof type appears to be one of the most durable and dependable solar panels subsidising power models. These are some of the benefits that come with it. 

Solar Subsidy in Gujarat:

Gujarat is ranked second in India in terms of power generation capacity by state. It has the ability to generate roughly 38,000 MW of electricity, which accounts for 10% of the country’s total capacity, while its peak power demand is 18,000 MW. 

As of 2020, renewable energy sources account for nearly 35% of the state’s energy needs, including 7,845 MW from wind, 3,273 MW from solar, 81.6 MW from biomass, and 63.33 MW from mini-hydro power projects.

The government has a solar power policy in place with the goal of increasing the amount of renewable energy to 53% by 2022. Subsidy for residential solar rooftops in Gujarat is now available, thanks to a 2016 modification.

The cost of installing grid-connected solar rooftop power plants is subsidised by 30% of the baseline cost. The subsidy will not be available to government entities, including PSUs. Instead, they will be offered incentive/awards based on their performance. CFA is available to all residential and institutional buildings, such as schools, health institutions, and the social sector.

The solar roof market has undergone a significant transition as a result of new developments. In document variation and installation costs, the quality of parts for fluctuations is important.

One of the most lasting and efficient solar panels on the market appears to be the sunroof model. All of these power models are included in the solar subsidies in Gujarat.

By 2023, the plan for Gujarat is to be on 2GW. The state, for example, has devised a new policy for the installation of solar cell panels.

The Solar Panel can be installed by any customer through a dealer, distributor, firm, or installer. After installation, a photo of the solar panel subsidy installation must be sent to the local power board.

How does this subsidy work?

The development of the solar system necessitates a significant financial investment. In such cases, solar subsidies give financial assistance. It assists them in removing the weight from their chests.

The amount of power generated by the solar system determines the government’s quantity. For instance, if the solar panel capacity is up to 3 kW, the solar panel subsidy is 40% of the entire cost. It will be 20 percent in the case of 4 kilometers to 10 kW. Subsidies can be selected according to the requirements.

  • To qualify for solar system subsidies in Gujarat, build a solar roof system. You’ll get a bonus for every kilowatt of power you generate.
  • These benefits, however, are exclusively accessible for residential properties. The corporate sector does not have access to this state.
  • The authority mostly provides subsidies and sets system costs as a standard. It makes the power plant more inexpensive and lucrative to operate.
  • The academic, residential, and social sectors are all eligible for this subsidy. This, however, is not applicable to industrial and commercial businesses.
  • Incentives based on energy output can be used by PSUs. Solar energy is a free and clean form of energy that helps to reduce reliance on natural resources.
  • Water and coal are examples of natural resources. Solar electricity will soon be installed in every home in the country, according to the government.

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