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How to get free electricity with solar rooftop panels?

How to get free electricity with solar rooftop panels?

Are you someone who thinks twice before switching on the AC? Are you always worried about electricity consumption while at home? Are you frustrated with paying thousands of rupees in electricity bills in every billing cycle? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have some good news for you. You can get free electricity right away. 

We all know how beneficial renewable energy is for the environment. But do we know how helpful it is for us humans as well? Renewable sources of energy, especially solar power, are now more highly accessible than ever. Solar energy, when used to generate electricity and fulfill your electricity needs, can give you free electricity for a lifetime. 

 So how to avail of this offer and get free electricity? Let’s find out. 

The government of India is constantly promoting the use of Solar rooftop panels for households and industrial use. Under the umbrella of promotion, GOI has also been announcing many subsidies.  

In almost every government scheme for Solar Rooftop panels, you get up to a 40% subsidy for installing solar rooftop panels of 3KV or less. These solar rooftop panels can minimise or completely mitigate your electricity bill depending on how much electricity you consume and how many solar rooftop panels you install. 

1 kV of solar rooftop panels installation requires 10 Square metres of space on the terrace that can have direct sunlight across the daytime. Even if we assume that solar rooftop panels can reduce your electricity bills by 30% to 50% and work perfectly for 25 years, you will recover your cost in the first five years and get 20 years of free electricity afterward.

So now, if you are convinced by the power of solar energy to provide you with free electricity, then let’s quickly look over the steps you can apply and what process you should follow to get free electricity for life.

Steps to get free electricity with solar energy:

  1.         Get in touch with a premium solar rooftop panel provider like Saysolar and send your requirements.
  2.         We will check for your eligibility for a subsidy.
  3.         Saysolar will evaluate the site and give you a proposal for the optimal use of space and optimal cost savings.
  4.         After approval of the bid from your side, you have to sit back and relax.
  5.         Saysolar will manage everything from documentation and subsidy application to installation by themselves. 
  6.         Now you have to enjoy the free electricity from solar energy. 


So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, dial +918160676453, and get in touch with Say-Solar.

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