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Is Solar a Reliable Investment?

Is Solar a Reliable Investment?

From the last few years consumption of electricity has been increasing and demand for new resources is increasing due to overuse of electricity. 

Green and sustainable energy have received a lot of attention in the last few years. The government is heavily promoting renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrothermal energy.

Many people are converting to solar energy and installing solar panels in their homes. But before converting solar energy into electricity; There is one question that is always in  every mind.

Is Solar a Reliable Investment? Or Investing in solar energy good?

The Answer will always Yes, The advantages of using solar energy are so many that you will always be ready to use it. If you get solar panels from reliable installers, they are not only affordable but also efficient and a wise investment.

Installing solar panels in your home will reduce your electricity bills and be an excellent long-term investment. By the end of 2022, the government wants to install approximately 100 GW of rooftop solar panels.

Advantages of using solar energy:

  1. A source of renewable energy
  2. Lowers electricity costs
  3. Numerous Applications
  4. Low Operating Costs
  5. Technological Advancement
Let’s explore all these advantages one by one
  1. A source of renewable energy

Among all the advantages of using solar panels, the fact that it is a completely renewable energy source is the most significant. It is always available and can be used anywhere in the world. Solar energy, unlike some other energy sources, will never run out. As long as there is a sun, humans will be able to use solar energy, which implies we have at least 5 billions of years before the sun dies, as predicted by scientists.

  1. Lowers electricity costs

Your energy costs will be reduced because you will be able to use some of the electricity generated by your solar system to meet your needs. The amount you save on your bill will be determined by the size of the solar system and the amount of electricity or heat you use. For instance, if your company now uses commercial solar panels, switching to a larger system could significantly reduce your energy costs. Furthermore, not only will you save money on your electricity bill, but there is also the possibility of receiving payments for excess energy exported back to the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). If you produce more electricity than you consume (considering that your solar panel system is connected to the grid).

  1. Numerous Applications

There are numerous uses for solar energy. You can produce heat or electricity. Solar energy may be used to power satellites in orbit, distil water in locations with scarce clean water supplies, and generate electricity in places without access to the electrical grid. Building materials can incorporate solar energy as well. Solar energy windows with translucence have just been released by Sharp.

  1. Low Operating Costs

Solar power systems don’t often require much maintenance. Cleaning them twice a year will be sufficient as long as you maintain them generally clean. If you are installing large-scale solar plat and  If in doubt of maintenance, you can rely on specialised cleaning companies, which charge affordable prices according to your plant. Additionally, since there are no moving parts in the solar system, there is no harm. The inverter is typically the only component that needs to be updated after 5 to 10 years because it works continuously to transform solar energy into electricity and heat.

  1. Technological Advancement

The technology used in the solar energy sector is always improving, and this trend will not stop in the future. The development of quantum physics and nanotechnology has the potential to boost solar panel efficiency and double or even triple the electrical flow of solar power systems.

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