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Buy solar rooftop panels on EMI

Buy solar rooftop panels on EMI

Are you planning to install solar rooftop panels for your household or your industrial site? Chances are that you might be thinking of financing and budget planning as installing solar rooftop panels takes a decent amount of investment.  

If you have also made up your mind to install rooftop panels for your use cases and are just holding on due to financial scenarios, then we have good news for you.  

You can also easily buy solar rooftop panels on EMI without any credit card requirements. On top of this, buying on loan doesn’t mean quality compromise. Saysolar’s rooftop system contains every high-quality material. We only offer you branded raw materials and nothing else.

Keep reading this blog to explore the easy way to buy a solar rooftop system at zero down payment with, say, solar. 

Do you want a way out of high electricity bills? Solar rooftop panels are the way to go. With Saysolar’s solar rooftop solutions, you can get 100% green energy from renewable solar energy sources.  

Solar rooftop panels are the best thing you can do to mitigate your electricity bills. But remember that, the best things are always a bit expensive. Although it is costly, you don’t have to worry about it as Saysolar is here to make an easy way of buying it with no-cost EMIs.

How to buy solar with easy EMI?

Saysolar makes it easy for you to buy expensive, high-quality solar rooftop panels with zero down payment and no-cost EMIs. Follow the below steps to buy solar rooftop panels on EMI.

  1. Contact Say Solar

Bharatbhai Prajapti trusted Saysolar till now to get solar rooftop solutions on easy EMIs. Start your process now by just clicking here and contacting Saysolar. You will have to submit your required documents for verification, and your procedure will be started.

  1. Finalise solar plan

According to your electricity bill, our engineers suggest the best solar plans. Choose from the best options and what suits you the best to decide the cost and final budget for the complete installation plan.

  1. Decide EMI option

Depending on your tenure and budget, decide on the EMI options. At Saysolar we have financing partners offering EMI options from 6 Months.

  1. Congrats! Your EMI is approved

From now on, you have to sit back and relax. Saysolar will take care of all your processes and inform you when your EMI is approved.

Concluding with the article, let us quickly take an overview of the advantages of buying a solar panel with Saysolar’s cost EMI options.

Advantages of buying a solar with Say Solar’s no-cost EMI option

No-cost EMI is an excellent option for buying solar rooftop panels. With installation, you will almost get free electricity (if panel power chooses appropriately), and the money you save from bills can directly go to the instalment. You won’t even know, and your purchase will be made. 

There are so many benefits to buying a solar system on EMI. Let’s look at them quickly.

  • If your income is not enough to cover your electricity bills and the total cost of a new solar rooftop system, then EMI is the best option.
  • With a no-cost EMI option to buy a solar system today, you can continue to pay your bills and buy your own new solar rooftop system.
  • The best benefit of a solar system EMI option is that you don’t require a credit card to avail of no-cost EMI on the solar rooftop system.
  • Today, you can save money for more significant future investments and spend on a no-cost EMI solar rooftop system!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial +91 81606 76453 to get your application process start now!

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