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Solar Rooftop System

6 Common Misconceptions About Solar Rooftop System

6 Common Misconceptions About Solar Rooftop System

Despite the fact that we have heard many things about the benefits of solar panels like saving electricity, cutting down on your electricity bill and many more. There are also misconceptions about this solar system. Here are some of the solar energy myths and correct the misinformation regarding this important alternative energy source.

1. Solar Panels Are Too costly to Install

Many people have thought in mind that installing a solar panel is too expensive. Installing a solar rooftop system varies depending on several factors like the size of the home and system which are the main factors for installing the solar panels.

2. Payback Period is Too Long

As the life of solar power is 25 years, many of them believe that the return on the investment takes a long time, but the truth is far different. It is the one where you will receive ROI immediately. This payback period depends on your initial costs and energy your system can create.

3. Solar Panel raise Property Taxes

Another one of the top solar power wrong impressions is that the addition of solar panels to the home will raise property taxes because of an increase in property value. But the fact is that installing solar panels will raise a property’s value in many cases.

4. Better to wait until Solar panels prices come down

This significant drop in estimates has to do with a blend of improved technology, expanded consumer request and more prominent accessibility of credits and discounts. Nowadays solar panel prices are dropping significantly and also many tax credits and incentives have termination dates on them, so holding up could inevitably mean lost funding for your solar installation.

5. You Need to Live in a Warm Climate

The harming solar energy vitality is that your home should be situated in a warm and sunny climate for solar panels to work appropriately. In actuality, solar panels tackle the sun's energy, not its temperature. In this manner, solar panels work similarly also, if worse, in colder climates as opposed to areas with high year-round temperatures.

Cold climates are very much affected by high energy costs for lighting and heating, especially during the winter months. Solar energy can help balance these energy costs in regions where typical electricity rates are higher.

6. Excess Energy Is Stored in Batteries

One more misconception about solar power technology is that people think the energy generated by the system gets stored in batteries but most of the home solar power systems don’t utilize batteries to store energy.

Instead of producing the energy through batteries the energy production is tied to the power grid using a net metering system. Now the net metering system plays a role that determines how much energy the home is generating and adding back to the electrical grid. After all this process the homeowner is served with electricity credits based on how much additional energy the home supplies to the grid. The grid energetically acts as the battery system for the home which helps in producing extra energy, which is not used during sunlight hours. That extra energy gets stored in the grid.

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