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Industrial Solar Power Plant

Things to consider before You Know About Industrial Solar Power Plant

Things to consider before You Know About Industrial Solar Power Plant

Across the world, people are getting aware of the solar system and its benefits. They are fitting solar panels on their roofs, as people are aware that solar power has helped out in lowering the electrical charge. The main thing is it helps in saving our environment.

Before you jump in and start the installation process you should be aware of different important factors that are involved in a project. Let’s take a look at solar panel myths which will help out in saving electricity at your residential and business:

1. Is your rooftop system perfect?

Before even thinking about the solar panel installation, do some research on your roof. Are there any damages to your roof? How old is your roof? If you find your roof has no glitches or damages you can plan the installation of a solar panel.

Another main thing is the life of your roof because the life of your solar panel will be 20 years and the life of your roof is between 10 to 15 years then it will cost you more for the maintenance. So try to match both which will save your time along with your money.

2. What should be the shape of your roof?

Roofs are in many shapes and sizes. Before installing the solar panel make sure your roof is in proper shape with sufficient space, otherwise, you won’t get expected to return you on your investment

3. What about warranties?

Before investing in the rooftop solar panel you must know about the warranties which also includes installation and inverter warranties along with a solar panel.

Solar panel should cover a warranty of 25 to 30 years, installation warranty lasts from 2 to 10 years which includes labor, parts and last is an inverter whose warranty is 5 to 10 years.

4. How will you connect a solar panel to the grid?

Along with the shape and size of the roof, you also need to consider how solar panels will get connected with the grid. You must determine below things while connecting with the local utility:

Are there any extra fees for connection?
How and when will you be profitable for the generated electricity?
How much time will it take to absorb it?

5. Do you trust contracts before signing a contract?

Before signing any agreement your first and most important part is to do proper research. Have a word with different contractors after that you can compare their quotes, customer reviews and other information which will help you out in making a proper decision. Some important factors you should look out in agreement:

  • Financing expectations
  • Ownership expectations
  • Performance expectations
  • Entities that may gather data on your electricity production and usage
  • Companies that have rights to your electricity usage and production data

Don’t search for the cheaper dealer, search for genuine and long term contractors. Government is providing rebates on solar power system installation. If your contractor is proper they will share it with you.

6. Can you DIY?

As solar panels are very beneficial but it will go wrong if you aren’t well trained in the installation process. Problems like wiring problems, a leaky roof, safety standards, and code compliance.

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