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Installing solar panels on tiled roofs – precautions to take

Installing solar panels on tiled roofs - What precautions to take?

Are you tired of high electricity bills and ready to harness the power of solar energy? Installing solar panels on your tiled roof is a great way to generate clean, renewable energy while protecting your home. But before you begin, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure a successful installation.

However, many houses in India have tiled roofs to protect themselves from heat. Tile roofs are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are durable, long-lasting, and can add a unique aesthetic to a home. Thus a common question comes to mind ‘How can one install solar panels on a tiled roof’.

To give a brief idea, installing solar panels on a tiled roof is as easy as on a plain roof. However, before you decide to install solar panels on your tile roof, you should know a few things.

solar panels on tiled roofs

First and foremost, you must check with your local building codes and regulations to ensure that installing solar panels on a tile roof is allowed in your area. Some areas may have specific rules or requirements for installing solar panels on tile roofs, such as the size and placement of the panels or the type of tiles that can be used.

For example, some areas may require that the solar panels are installed on a specific part of the roof or that the tiles are a certain thickness to support the weight of the panels. It is best to check with your local authorities before proceeding to ensure that your installation complies with the laws in your area.

Yes, solar panels can be installed on tiled roofs.

It is important to take the following precautions when installing solar panels on tiled roofs:

  1. Use a solar panel mounting system for tiled roofs to prevent damage and ensure proper installation.
  2. Have a professional roofer inspect the roof to ensure it can support the weight of the solar panels.
  3. Use a waterproof underlayment between the solar panel mounting system and the roof to protect against leaks.
  4. Use a sealant around the edges of the solar panels to prevent water infiltration.
  5. Regularly check and maintain solar panels and mounts for proper function and secure attachment.
  6. It’s always best to consult an expert before installing solar panels on tiled roofs.

However, when you get in touch with Say Solar you can be assured about every legal compliance and don’t have to self-assess anything at all. Our team of experts does everything for you, right from site analysis and plan approval to installation and activation.

Once Say Solar has confirmed that installing solar panels on your tile roof is allowed and the site is fit to install a solar panel, the next step is to decide the plan for installing a solar panel. This type of roof can be more fragile than other roofs and requires particular expertise to ensure the panels are correctly installed.

When it comes to installing solar panels, it is essential to ensure that the panels are installed correctly to avoid damaging the tile roof. This typically involves drilling holes into the tiles to secure the panels, so it is best to leave this job to professionals who have experience with tile roofs. With Say Solar, we provide you with a detailed plan for the installation, including the number and placement of the panels and any additional equipment that may be needed, along with details of costing and a proposal for the same. They should also provide you with a warranty for the panels and the installation to protect you in case of any issues or defects.

In addition to the installation, you will also need to consider the maintenance of your solar panels. Tile roofs can be more fragile than other roofs, so it is essential to ensure the panels are properly maintained to avoid any damage to the tiles. This may involve regularly cleaning the panels to remove any dirt or debris and checking the panels for any damage or wear and tear. The solar panel company should provide instructions on properly maintaining the panels and be available to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.

Don’t let the fear of a tiled roof hold you back from reaping the benefits of clean, renewable energy. With Say Solar, installing solar panels on your tile roof is a stress-free and efficient process. Say goodbye to high electricity bills and hello to savings with solar energy.

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