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4 Common Solar Panels Installation Mistakes and How to avoid them

4 Common Solar Panels Installation Mistakes and How to avoid them

4 Common Solar Panels Installation Mistakes and How to avoid them

You will find that your solar energy system is an essential part of your home, whether you realize it or not. Providing relief from high electricity bills for up to 50 years, your solar energy system can last with proper installation and maintenance!

Any appliance in your home should give you the best value for your money. This is why to install solar energy systems correctly, you need to use the right tools. Many people consider solar panels to be a simple DIY project. There are 4 common Solar Panel Mistakes to avoid that can lead to a disastrous and potentially hazardous energy replacement.

4 most Common Solar Rooftop Installation Mistakes :

The following four common solar installation mistakes need to be avoided when you decide to go solar.

Ignoring your roof's structural makeup

Depending on the size of the installation, a solar installation can add up to 25 kilograms (per square meter) of bulk to your roof, which can cause problems if the structure cannot handle the weight. The solar system’s accessories cannot be placed near the central unit because of chimneys, swamp coolers, and vents.

In addition, the roof materials should be taken into account when making your choice. Fiber-cement roofs, for example, are brittle, and the installation of solar panels must use racking that won’t cause cracks. Before recommending an appropriate solution, a reliable solar engineering company can advise you about the proper structure.

Seeking The Cheapest Solar Panels

When it comes to the type of panels you purchase, you don’t want to cut corners when you’re saving on utility bills by switching to solar. Solar panels that look low-cost right now might seem like a great solution, but they’ll cost you more in the long run when you have to replace them because they become faulty.

It is not necessary to buy the most expensive system available. The best solar panel design that is reasonable in price can be found by consulting with a professional contractor.

Avoiding the sun when placing the system

That’s the truth. It’s not the most appealing piece of hardware on your home to have solar panels and systems. You might not want to see your panels on display. So long as you place them with adequate sunlight, it is magnificent. It should be avoided where shadows are created, and other obstructions exist. You might also consider elevating the system a bit to prevent shadows from the ground at a particular time.

Do you have any concerns about how much sunlight your system receives? Keeping track of the sun will help you answer that question. Solar panels can be mounted on a “disc” or “hub” during the day that can be rotated or locked into various positions according to the light. However, if this sounds too much of a hassle, you can choose to purchase a commercial tracker instead.

A lack of understanding of warranties

Most people see solar panel systems as a lifetime investment. It is, however, possible that parts of the system may break down from time to time, so ensuring that you check out any warranties that come with your solar panel system is always advisable.

The best performance will be guaranteed on most systems for just about 10-12 years, after which you have to be more diligent about maintenance to guard against defects, environmental hazards, and general wear and tear.


Not only are you saving money by switching to solar energy, but the environment is also benefitting. However, it would be best to avoid common Solar Installation Mistakes that may wreck your investment while installing solar panels. Many people’s expectations are not real towards solar, so read more about Expectation vs Reality for Solar.

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