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Solar Power generation Terminologies

Solar Power generation Terminologies


What is Photovoltaic in the solar energy system?

The term photovoltaic refers to the technique that uses natural semiconductors to transform sunlight into useful electricity. This enables a solar system to power electrical equipment or deliver electricity to the utility grid.

Utility Grid: 

What is a utility grid in the solar system?

The system that currently provides power to more people is known as the grid. Although power lines and nearby power transformers are also a part of the local grid, power lines are the most noticeable component.


What is irradiance in the solar power system?

An Irradiance describes how much light enters a specific area of PV material. It is a measurement of the power of the sunlight, and various times of the day have higher irradiance. These peak hours are critical for power generation and storage.

Solar Array: 

What is an array in the solar system?

An array is a collection of solar panels that are linked together. The number of panels in your array determines its size. As a result, the more panels you have, the larger your solar array will be and the more power it will generate.

Solar Monitoring: 

What is monitoring in solar? 

Solar monitoring systems collect data about your system’s power generation, which is often obtained through solar inverters or a charge controller. In order to power your home, the DC current from the solar array is converted into AC current.

Solar Cell: 

What is Solar cell in a solar panel?

In a solar panel, a solar cell is a tiny silicon light-capturing component that is made up of a positive and a negative layer that together form an electric field.

Solar Inverter:

It is used to convert the fluctuating direct current from a solar panel to alternating current at a utility frequency. This current can be fed into the electrical grid or utilised by a local, off-grid network.


A micro-inverter is a part that is attached to the rear of each solar panel.

In comparison to a central inverter, which improves the performance of the entire system, it maximises the power generation(DC) of each individual panel.

Net Metering:

What is net metering in solar power generation?

Net metering is a method for managing unutilized energy in a grid-connected solar installation. Unused or excess energy is sent back into the power grid and reserved for later use in a grid-connected system. This saved energy is converted into energy credits, which can be utilised to supplement coverage or save money on energy bills.

Accelerated depreciation:

What is Accelerated depreciation in the solar power system?

To encourage the use of solar energy among organisations and the private sector, the Indian government offers perks such as expedited depreciation. The business can claim or obtain a greater rate of depreciation through accelerated depreciation, lowering the tax payout. The present rate of growth available in solar rooftop is 40% each year.

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